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UPDATE 30th June Update Notes


28 Ara 2017
Hail Knights!
During the Discord meeting held on the evening of June 29th, some updates were made about the topics discussed. Updates will be activated with the next server maintenance. The updates we've completed so far are listed below.

  • (*)Located in Bifrost "Pontus Ring" drop rates have been increased by 4%
  • (*)The price of the "Clan Contribution Certificate" in the "[Special Store] Roswell" NPC has been changed to 2 GB.
  • (*)Knight Cash Certificate items were temporarily closed for the purpose of reviving the in-game market.(you still able change by trading each other)
  • (*)Felankor was added in Ronark Land Bowl area. Respawn time varies from 8 to 9 hours.
  • (*)Ancient Text quest is avaible now! Collect 3 Ancient Text than you can get 3 Days HP Wings from NPC Shozin.
  • (*)Henceforth new players will begin 80 LVL also master skills are open. All players below 80 lvl will be made 80 lvl and all skills will be opened.
  • (*)A "Starter Pack" has been assigned to all accounts for one-off use. All players will be able to login to our website and send their items to the selected character via letter for 5 days. In addition, players without Premium membership will be charged to 5 day Bronze premium accounts when "Starter Package" is activated. Check out the Spoiler below for Starter Pack details.

(*)Green updates are currently active.
(*)Red updates are required restart to be active.

We will continue our work on the topics discussed at the Discord meeting. Comments made on the forum will be particularly appreciated during the care process. Thank you for your cooperation in building the future of DeathKO!

Those items could be used 5 day maximum after accept letter. ;

+9 linel Set
+2 Fr , İmir Ring , Shio Tears
+1 EP
+1 Libol
+2 Lkp
+8 Eronion
+8 Chitin Set
+8 Raptor
+2 Heros +1 Wp +2 Mino +1 Sos
+8 Citin Set
+8 Shard Dual
+8 Iron Bow
+2 Lego +1 Wp , +2 Coc +1 Belt of Dex
+8 Citin Set
+7 Dread Shield
+2 Lego +1 Ep +2 Lilime +1 Ske Belt
5 günlük Bronze Pemium Özelliker :
+3 NP , %2 Drop Rate , %50 Exp , İtem Kilit Acma / Kapama , Oy Verme Durumu yoktur ,

also here is little tutorial about
How to Activate "Starter Pack"​
DeathKO team.
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25 Ağu 2019
update took okay over here, and connection was re-established okay.

The notes say it would be about 20 seconds after hitting the OK button, to complete the update and that was about correct.